Refund Policy

VeriSign adheres to, and stands behind, rigorous practices and policies in undertaking certification operations and in issuing certificates. Nevertheless, if for any reason a subscriber is not completely satisfied with the certificate issued to him, her or it, the subscriber may request that VeriSign revoke the certificate within thirty (30) days of issue and provide the subscriber with a refund. Following the initial thirty (30) day period, a subscriber may request that VeriSign revoke the certificate and provide a refund if VeriSign has breached a warranty or other material obligation under this CPS or the NetSureĀ® Protection Plan relating to the subscriber or the subscriber's certificate. After VeriSign revokes the subscriber's certificate, VeriSign will promptly credit the subscriber's credit card account (if the certificate was paid for via credit card) or otherwise reimburse the subscriber via BACS transfer(Bankers Automated Clearing System enables automatic payments to be made from one bank account to another in the UK)for the full amount of the applicable fees paid for the certificate. To request a refund, please call Customer Service at 0800 032 2101. This refund policy is not an exclusive remedy and does not limit other remedies that may be available to subscribers.